Midea 1.7cf Refrigerator review

Depending on the size of your family and how often you eat at home, you may find your fridge overflowing with groceries, food and beverages, some of which may not be able to fit into the refrigerator.  While you can opt to throw this food out, doing so is a waste especially when you consider the high prices of food.

Another good option is to purchase a compact refrigerator such as the Midea 1.7 Cubic Foot Refrigerator White in color.  This unit is very cheap, coming in at only $60 and despite the small capacity offers enough space for a few cans of beer and some food, or excess food which won’t fit in the primary fridge.


Refrigerator Features

One of the most notable features of this fridge is its overall small size and small storage capacity.  Measuring only 17.7 x 22.4 x 19.3 inches this fridge is small enough to fit virtually anywhere.

Despite the small storage capacity of 1.7 cubic feet many people are thoroughly surprised by the amount of things they are able to fit into the fridge.  Adding to its versatility is the reversible hinges on the door, meaning the door can be rigged to swing open to either the left or right, further increasing the possible locations the refrigerator can be placed.

The small size of the fridge means it draws only a small amount of power for operation.  Estimated annual costs to run this refrigerator are only in the $25-30 dollar range, making it very affordable and economical as a second fridge.  The refrigerator doesn’t feature any HCFCs meaning it’s safe for the environment and the air inside your home.  Convenient racks on the door and a separate chiller department make this is a very useful refrigerator for a low price. If you are in the market for a refrigeration, Check out refrigerator reviews supplies you with a list of the best refrigerators of every type.


  • Small compact design means it can fit virtually anywhere.
  • The door can be fixed to swing open from either the left or right, further increasing the available locations the fridge can be placed.
  • Small size and efficient cooling system mean you will only spend $25-30 per year on running this fridge, making it a great value.

The Midea 1.7 cubic foot refrigerator white works great as a secondary fridge for use in the garage or basement.  It can also be used by college students who are strapped for space in their dorm rooms, or office workers that need a fresh snack during the mid-day stretch.


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