Panasonic Panasonic Bread Maker

During these health conscious times the Panasonic bread maker SD-257WXC allows you the luxury of having healthy, additive-free, tasty homemade bread without all the mess and hard work.

It will, if you want, allow you to bake the bread through the night while you sleep, waking each morning to the aroma of freshly baked bread.

The new Panasonic bread maker SD-257WXC now has programmes to maintain the stability of the baking process regardless of what the surrounding temperature may be. Temperature changes can have a dramatic affect on the yeast which in turn will affect the quality of the finished bread. Be sure to check out our Midea 1.7cf Refrigerator review

Being able to control the temperture of the dough allows the Panasonic bread maker to produce delicious tasting, high quality bread each and every time.

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The Panasonic SD-257WXC features a comprehensive range of bake programmes meaning you can try a variety of different breads from rye, whole wheat, or even brioche. Added to this is the opportunity to vary the loaf size from medium, large or even extra large to suit the needs of your family.
For those who have special dietary needs, the Panasonic bread maker SD-257WXC gives you complete control over every ingredient in your finished loaf. Need a gluten-free or high-fibre loaf? Well you can have one using the SD-257WXC bread maker.

And, if you suffer from high blood pressure, or need to watch what you eat, you have the facility to control the amount of salt and sugar used in each and every loaf. Try finding that with supermarket bought bread.

With the Panasonic bread maker SD-257WXC all the programmes come with a timer facility, except that is the gluten-free where the timer would not work. For this process the water is added first and the baking process begins straight away.

Panasonic SD-257WXC Bread Maker Benefits

  • Panasonic Bread Maker SD-257WXC  Boxed Weight: 8 Kg
  • Ability to make loaf in 3 different sizes
  • Comprehensive range of bread programs
  • Dispenser for Nuts and Raisins
  • Crust Control
  • Super Rapid Option-1Hr 55Mins

Panasonic SD-257WXC Bread Maker Reviews

During our extensive investigation into the Panasonic SD-257WXC Bread Maker we found a very large amount of purchasers had taken the time to write a review of this product. Of the 76 reviews all bar 8 gave it a 5 star review, the remaining 8 awarded it a 4 star reveiw.

The high number, and quality, of reviews from people who have bought this model seems to be the norm for the Panasonic range of bread makers. We also noted this with another Panasonic breadmaker we reviewed.

Reviewers who had purchasd the Panasonic SD-257WXC remarked on the variety of other items that can be made other than just bread. People commented on the fact they had made delicious tasting cakes, hot cross buns, croissants, Viennese rolls, gingerbreads and soda bread.

As with the other Panasonic bread maker we reviewed, purchasers complimented the Panasonic SD-257WXC on making much nicer bread than other branded bread makers they had owned in the past.

One point that came to notice was how quiet this bread maker is. A real bonus for people wanting to have a fresh loaf of bread each morning without having a disturbed nights sleep due to noise.

Many reviewers stated that the Panasonic SD-257WXC bread maker makes perfect bread, it does it quietly and it doesn´t use a lot of electricity.

From the research we have carried out we can see that Panasonic have once again managed to update an existing machine and greatly improve on it. This new Panasonic bread maker is obviously a very high quality machine greatly liked by all those who purchased it.

With that in mind we have no difficulty in highly recommending the Panasonic SD-257WXC bread maker above all others.


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