Morphy Richards 48330 Breadmaker Review

I got a phone call from my sister-in-law a few day back saying she had just bought a Morphy Richards 48330 breadmaker and asked if I would like to help her try out her first bake.

I jumped at the chance as I had heard a lot about this inexpensive little bread maker since it´s release in 2010 and I was really looking forward to finding out if all I had heard was true.

The first thing I noticed was just how compact the Morphy Richards 48330 breadmaker was. It hardly took up any space on her worktop at all. It´s also very light, so you could easily pick it up and store it in a cupboard. It comes in a white cool touch finish with very easy to follow controls.

I would have to say this bread maker would best be described as a basic model. But, having said that, it does come with 5 baking programs. These allow you to bake white bread, whole-wheat, quick bread, pizza base, rolls,  and dough. So all in all it can do what the majority of more expensive machine can too.

But, the big question is, does it do it as good?

Using the measuring items, that comes with the machine, we followed the recipe book to make a standard loaf. This is where I was able to advise her to make sure she measured out the correct amount of ingredients to make the perfect loaf.

Unfortunately the Morphy Richards 48330 breadmaker does not come with a timer although there are a series of bleeps to let you know what stage the bake is at, and there is also a viewing window for you to check the bread too.

To bake a standard loaf takes about two and a half hours, although there is a fast bake program which will produce a loaf in 1hr 30 minutes.

We left the machine to go about it business while we had a coffee. I have to be honest I was immediately impressed at how quiet this little bread maker was. Having owned older and bigger machines I am used to hearing them banging and whirring away in the background. But not this Morphy Richards breadmaker. Very impressive!

I must admit, when we removed the loaf from the baking pan the paddle did stay in the bread although the machine does comes with a small attachment to hook it out. My sister-in-law has since told me she now oils the paddle before putting the ingredients in and this no longer happens. I was just as surprised when I was conducting research on some of the other top-rated small appliances found in the kitchen.

After 90 minutes what we ended up with was a perfect 1 lb loaf of bread that looked and tasted beautiful.

Being only 1 lb would not be big enough for my family but is an ideal size for 1 – 2 people. My sister-in-law told me she had got fed up buying supermarket bread that she had to throw away because they were too big to finish before they went stale.

That was something I´d never thought of before and I can see why Morphy Richards produced this machine as it is ideal for a couple or single person living on their own.

I phoned my sister-in-law a couple of days later to see how she was getting on with her new Morphy Richards 48330 breadmaker. She said she loved it, but while experimenting a bit discovered that to use the Extra Bake the first bake had to finish and then be started again on Extra Bake. Other than that she thought the machine was extremely simple to use and produced fantastic tasting bread.

Morphy Richards 48330 Pro´s
This is a great little bread maker that is extremely inexpensive and ideally suited for a couple or single person. Considering it is a basic entry level model, that is small and light enough to be stored in a cupboard, it makes fantastic bread. And the price is the lowest I´ve ever seen from a brand name like Morphy Richards.

Morphy Richards 48330 Con´s
The main thing that goes against this bread maker is the lack of a timer. So won´t be able to wake up to a fresh loaf of bread with this machine. Also with this bread maker you aren´t able to make cakes or jam either.

Morphy Richards 48330 Breadmaker Benefits

  • Bakes a 1 lb (0.45kg) loaf. Ideal for couples or single people
  • Produce a loaf in 1 hr 30 min using the Fastbake program
  • Able to control crust cooking level
  • 5 baking programs
  • Keep warm function
  • Viewing window
  • Instruction Manual with good range of recipes

Morphy Richards 48330 Breadmaker Reviews

Considering the Morhpy Richards 48330 breadmaker was only released in 2010 it has managed to produce a good number of very positive reviews.

The majority of people are more than happy with the size of loaf it produces and the fact the bread tastes so good. The machine being very compact, quiet and easy to use was also mentioned.

Obviously one of the biggest selling points of this machine is its extremely low price.

It has to be mentioned though that there were a small number of grumbles about this machine. Some people complained the size of the loaf was far too small. But the machine clearly states it bakes a 1 lb loaf of bread so what did they expect.

A few others complained the bread didn´t taste good. But I am inclined to think this was more to their fault rather than the machines as so many other people had raved about the quality of the bread.

As a low cost, easy to use entry level machine, and bearing in mind all the positive reviews and my own experience, I would have no hesitation in recommending you purchase this bread maker.

I’ve found that the best place to buy the Morphy Richards 48330 breadmaker is at Amazon. They currently have the best price and include free shipping for this product.


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