Morphy Richards 48319 Breadmaker Review

In 2010 Morphy Richards introduced a brand new design to their range of breadmakers of which the Morphy Richards 48319 Premium Plus breadmaker is one of.

This new design allows the loaf to be more oblong in shape rather than upright that the older Morphy Richards bread makers produced.

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Will it fit on your worktop?
I find the look of this new design quite appealing although I must admit, compared to previous Morphy Richards bread makers, it does look quite bulky.

With that in mind you may well want to consider where abouts in your kitchen you will put this machine. The dimensions are 375 x 330 x 290mm, just so that you can measure up, although with a cable length of 85cm you should be able to find somewhere near enough to a socket.

I thought the brushed stainless-steel and black finish looked very stylish although on closer inspection it did feel a little bit flimsy.

What´s it like to use?
I think using the Morphy Richards 48319 Premium Plus breadmaker is actually very simple, well once you have read through the manual first that is. One thing that seemed to fool a lot of people is the fact that to activate the machine you have to keep the start button pressed down for a full three seconds after you have selected the program you want on the LCD displays.

Once I mastered that I found all the setting very easy to use. You can even set your own timings using the customisable settings.

What can it do?
All in all there are 19 different programs that include white bread, French bread, whole-wheat, quick bread, sweet bread, gluten free, pizza base, dessert, dough and bake. Loaf sizes are 1lb, 1.5lb and 2lb, and you can choose between 5 different crust setting.

The Morphy Richards 48319 Premium Plus breadmaker is also suitable for making jam and cakes should you want to, I tend not to bother making jam but I think being able to make cakes is a real bonus.

To bake a standard white loaf takes 3 hours, but there is a fast bake option that will only take 70 minutes, and you can always keep an eye on how the bake is going through the viewing window. There is also a keep warm feature that will keep the bread warm for up to one hour.

If you want to wake up to fresh bread each morning this machine comes with a 12 hour delay timer.

Anything special?
The Morphy Richards 48319 Premium Plus breadmaker has a collapsible kneading blade so that once the mixing and kneading is complete it folds down and does not make a whole in the bottom of the bread.

Well that is the idea anyway! I found it was often quite hit and miss. Sometimes it worked, other times it didn´t. Although I have to say if you put a little bit of oil on the swivel joint it does work better.

I thought the fruit and nut dispenser was a very useful addition to the Morphy Richards 48319 breadmakerand something you don´t often see in machines other than the more expensive bread makers. It allows you to place all the fruit and nut ingredients in in one go and the machine automatically includes them when needed.

In my opinion the 600W motor on this machine was reasonably quite as it went through its processes, although I have heard other people say they thought it was quite noisy. I guess this depends on what you are used to. Personally didn´t find in any noisier than most other machines although I have come across some that were a little quieter.

Morphy Richards 48319 Pro´s
This is a good quality machine from a respected manufacturer that is packed with features and programs you would normally only fin on a more expensive machine. It is easy to use and produces good results on many different bread styles and bakes. It is a stylish design and good value for money.

Morphy Richards 48319 Con´s
More bulky than previous designs although has a rather flimsy feel to it and can sometimes move around on the worktop when going through the kneading process. The brushed stainless-steel finish looks very nice but does attract finger prints. The LCD screen back light turns off too quickly.

Morphy Richards 48319 Premium Plus Breadmaker Benefits

  • 19 Programs including gluten free
  • 1lb, 1.5lb and 2lb loaf sizes
  • 5 crust settings
  • Collapsible kneading blade
  • LCD display
  • 70 min fast bake time
  • Suitable for jam and cake making
  • Add ingredients signal
  • Automatic ingredients dispenser
  • Keep warm function
  • Viewing window
  • Recipe book with more than 50 recipes

Morphy Richards 48319 Premium Plus Breadmaker Reviews

From my own experience and the research I have carried out I have found that the majority of people who purchased the Morphy Richards 48319 Premium Plus breadmaker were very pleased with their purchase.

Although there are not as many reviews for this machine as maybe there are for others, the overall impression is that this bread maker is very easy to use, produces good quality bread and is packed with useful features.

The general opinion is that this bread maker offers good value for money and with that in mind I am pleased to recommend this bread maker to you.

I’ve found that the best place to buy the Morphy Richards 48319 Premium Plus breadmaker is at Amazon.They currently have the best price and include free shipping for this product.


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